Gallo History

Frank Gallo started his love affair with all vehicles Italian when he sold his Jag XK 120m and bought a 1962 250 SWB Berlinetta Ferrari which after restoring he and his son Ron went on to win numerous best of Show trophy’s. Exchanging that for a 1967 275GTB/4 from Luigi Chinetti Frank continued his passion.  Then being approached by his good friends John Mastroianni Sr. and Jr. Frank got into Vintage racing. Purchasing and restoring a 1958 Teraschi Formula jr. Frank and John Mastroianni jr. campaigned it very well in Vintage Racing at Lime Rock Park. Next was a move into the ‘insane” Italian realm. Frank and Ron found a 1964 2 Litre Simca Abarth a 202 HP 2 litre high compression, 58 mm Webered beast which they drove around the streets for a few years*.  Frank longed to keep racing and went off the reservation for a while and purchased a 1959 Gemini Formula jr. with a powerful Coventry Climax that he drove to victory after victory. Moving back to the Italian world Frank took up motorcycles and owned an array of top Italian bikes. Now he has moved into having his son Ron and grandson Ron jr. enjoy Italian cars plus some new coming ideas for others to enjoy.

Ron Gallo was brought by his Father into the world of performance cars and remembers his favorite one of his father’s cars the Abarth. Ron later owned a 1970 Camaro Z 28 which he won 7 show trophy’s and 2 first place wins at the Muscle Car nationals at Atco Raceway in 1989 and 1990. Ron than owned 2 Taurus SHO’s as daily Drivers Ron had the opportunity to purchase Chuck Beck’s 1991 Ford Shogun which he went on to win 9 show trophy’s. After selling that Ron owned a Harley and spent many miles riding with his father and cousins. His son Ron jr who road in the Camaro in a car seat and was always by Ron’s side in the Shogun Ron jr suggested they get a car together Ron sr. felt he needed to go back to the Italian name so he suggested they buy a Fiat X 1/9 and modify it the way Carlo Abarth would. After purchasing a beautiful 1979 Blue X 1/9 and reunited  with the Mastroianni Boys the Gallos had made a monster X 1/9 that went on to win many show trophy’s and was featured in Hemming’s Sports and Exotic Aug 2011 issue.